Brit’s favourite French ex-pat destinations

The main areas where foreign buyers have a second homes in France reports the French home office. The report says that the British own more second homes in France than any other country and highlighted some very interesting issues.

Over 23% of all second homes in France are owned by residents of other European countries including a staggering 80% from the European Union and of those almost 30% were UK residents that owned them. Following the UK were Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands, with only 1% owned by people from other European countries.

The North West of France is where the most homes are that are owned by British residents and the areas include Brittany and Basse-Normandie as well as other areas like Savoie, the Rhone-Alps and Herault in Langueduc-Roussillon.

The second home purchases are usually in areas that border or are close to the country in which they are residents. For example the most popular German second home is in Lorraine and for the Swiss in the Rhone-Alps.

The majority of interest received on FrenchEntree for 2009 was for property in the Limousin, Languedoc-Roussillon and the Midi-Pyrennes. What makes this rather interesting is that these inquires for FrenchEntree were from people from the UK with the general trends from FrenchEntree mirrored by those published in the Home Office.