Bordeaux Right Bank – La Bastide – La Benauge

The right bank of the city has long grown out of sight of planners from the left bank, and is more anarchic. The neighbourhoods of La Bastide and Benauge compose this part of the city hosts a small population but also many industries. The right bank also has many brownfield sites strongly degrading the image of these districts facing the left bank.

However, over the last decade, plans to renovate this part of the city have emerged. New residential buildings are in phased construction. A university building was begun in September 2007 and would eventually accommodate 3,000 students. The arrival of the tram on the right bank has also renovated some of these neighbourhoods.

Today the district of La Bastide is significantly oriented towards the future with the conversion of the old Gare d’Orleans Cinema. A proposed new bridge between the neighbourhood and La Bastide Bacalan is planned for completion in 2011. A draft of a new BIA Bastide is on the cards. This project involves the creation of 2,500 to 3,000 homes of which 40% are social housing. In the medium term, a draft of a new BIA Bastide north envisages the creation of 4,000 homes.

On the left bank, north of the town are the districts of Bordeaux-Lac and Bacalan.
The construction of the district of Bordeaux-Lac was undertaken by the municipality, after the draining of swamps and the creation of an artificial lake.

This area welcomes tours of homes, some offices and shopping centers. The Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux has also been built. The balance of the construction of this new neighborhood is mixed.  This area is unattractive and too eccentric.

The arrival of the tramway in 2008 revitalized this neighborhood. The Bacalan neighborhood is near the river and the old port area of Bordeaux. This neighborhood was once the home of the Dockers and still has a small population. Again, the arrival of trams and restructuring the district of former warehouses should change the area for ever.

To the west lies Cauderan. This ancient town merged with Bordeaux in 1965 and is now a neighbourhood in the city. The former suburban chic of Bordeaux is one of the quieter areas of the city. Its merger has allowed the extension of Bordeaux to the west.

The Park Bordeaux, the largest green space in the city, is located in this area. To the southwest, St. Augustine hosts a population of upper middle class residents. It contains the Stade Chaban-Delmas (or Lescure), Pellegrin Hospital (CHU Bordeaux) and the Faculty of Medicine (University Bordeaux ).