Bergerac the taste of French wine

Bergerac is located in the central heart of the south west France wine growing region. In order to reach Bergerac you can directly fly into the local airport or choose to take the train into town. In addition, you can also fly into one of the two international airports: Toulouse or Bordeaux. Often by doing this you can save some money on the airfare, but you will have to tackle a two hour drive.

The town of Bergerac has a reputation that goes back centuries for high quality red and white wines. The Romans first brought vines over from Italy 2000 years ago, and even though they only stayed for about 200 years, the vines remained behind.

As time passed the wealth of the town was built on wine sales and today it is still based on the sales of wine. You can see the full history of the wine by visiting the Bergerac Museum of Wine which sits in a medieval building that is quite stunning in itself. The town has more to see than just wine thought as there are plenty of medieval buildings spread throughout the center of the town.

Some other museums that you might want to visit while in town include the Costi Museum that sport statues by sculptors that are famous in Greece. The Museum of Tobacco is also another great stop as tobacco has just about as long of a history as wine does. The Old Town also has plenty of traditional restaurants and cafes that offer the chance for visitors to soak up the southern sunshine and watch the locals go about their business for a few hours.