Beautiful Monaco is a must see when in the South of France

While Monaco is located very close to France, it is actually a separate state and is not part of the larger country. Monaco is one of the most visited tourist destinations on the planet and it is located between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea.

On its west side is the French Riviera and on the East is the Italian. The city itself is densely populated and is probably most famous for being the home of the Formula One Grand Prix which takes place in the city every year.

The city is divided into four main sections, Fontviellie, Manaco-Ville, The Condamine and Monte Carlo. The city gets a lot from its popularity with tourists and for this reason it has developed many popular attractions.

One of the best things to see would be the Prince’s Palace which was built during the 13th century and is where the Prince of Monaco lives. Every other day there is a guard ceremony which draws many tourists who are visiting the city. The Aquarium and Oceanographic Museum is another popular attraction found in Monaco.

This museum has a great collection of numerous aquatic species and is a must see location while you are in Monaco. One of the most famous destinations that people want to visit is the Monte Carlo which is gained a great deal of fame because of its association with James Bond. The movies don’t however do this location justice, and when you see it in real life you will realise just how impressive it really is.

In Monte Carlo one of the most popular attractions is the Monte Carlo casino. Even if you are not excited by gambling, you should definitely still come to the casino as it is an experience quite unlike anything else.

The casino is beautifully decorated with glass paintings, elaborate sculptures, and numerous bronze lamps. It is also where the tombs of various Princes from Monaco’s past are. There are numerous gaming rooms at the casino which cater to all sorts of different customers, with different budgets and gaming preferences.

Monaco is just as famous for its cultural heritage as it is its casinos, some of this fascinating history can be found in the city’s museums. The wax museum in the city is one of the most famous attractions and has numerous wax sculptures depicting the previous Princes of Monaco. In many ways it is very similar to Madame Tussaud’s and all the statues are incredibly lifelike. What adds to the appeal is that they are all wearing costumes that are appropriate for the time that they ruled Monaco.

One museum, that is favoured by locals, is the Museum of Stamps and Coins. It was started by Sir Rainier and it contains his personal collection. The Chapel of the Visitation is another museum well worth visiting as it has a great collection of Italian and baroque paintings. This is a destination that will really be a paradise for people who love art. Some of the paintings here are incredibly rare and you shouldn’t miss out on your opportunity to see them while you are in Monaco.

The entertainment sector in Monaco is world-famous and one of the most revered places to visit is the Font Antoine Theatre, which was constructed in the 18th century. It was originally designed to be a fortress and has since been reworked as an outdoor theatre capable of seating over 300 people.

Finally, you should consider visiting the Observatory Caves which are another fascinating site. These date back to prehistory and are a mysterious location full of things such as stalagmites and limestone concentrations.