Beating the French language barrier when you go on holiday

If you are coming on holiday in France then you are going to find that there is some issue with the language as while French people do often speak English, they don’t particularly appreciate the language and would rather that you talk to them in French. Generally, if you choose to make a little bit of effort, then they will probably reciprocate and attempt to speak with you in English.

If you are coming on a walking holiday in France, then it would be a great idea to memorise some basic French phrases so you can get by. There are a few that are good to master, such as those which will get you buy in everyday situation. You should learn how to greet people, and ask for things, as this will equip you with the basic needs in order to get by each day.

It used to be the case that if you are coming on holiday to France then people simply wouldn’t speak English, but the younger generation are being taught the language, so you can expect people to speak it more often. If you are talking to someone who is older, then don’t expect them to be able to speak English, but younger people will tend to have a grasp of the language.

The best idea is to be respectful, and shouldn’t expect people to speak your language, any more than they would expect you to speak French in the UK. If you show respect for the French language, and at least make an effort, then the chances are that you are going to find it easier to get by.

Of course, sometimes the situation is going to be impossible, and you might have to resort to signing, but in general a holiday in France is something that should go by quite easily without the language being too much of an issue.