Be Prepared for your driving holiday to France

Holiday season is fast approaching and this year more and more people are taking their cars to the continent in search of their perfect break. Despite the large number of people making the decision to holiday under their own steam in recent years, there are still a great many who are deterred from doing so by the prospect of international driving. It may well seem daunting, worrying about insurance and breakdown cover across different countries. Let’s consider the benefits of travelling by car.

Single Trip Cover

It is true that many insurance and breakdown cover policies do not cover abroad trips. However, the good news is that EVBC can offer single trip breakdown cover across Europe. This means you won’t be left high and dry if you are unlucky enough to experience technical problems the other side of the Channel Tunnel. Other companies providing European breakdown cover include Ferry Europe European Breakdown Cover.

Why Drive?

Driving holidays in Europe can offer you the flexibility and freedom that other package type holidays can’t. Whether your perfect getaway involves a tour of the beaches along France’s west coast or whisking away your other half to visit France’s finest vineyards, the best way to go is by road.

The ease and mobility offered by having your own car can be the key to a perfect break. The ability to travel wherever and whenever you please rids you of the hassle involved in planning and logistics. It is often the planning which gets in the way of what a holiday ought to be about – relaxation.

Why Not Hire A Car?

Furthermore, car rental can add to the difficulties of a holiday. Restrictions on travel and leisure are common. What’s more, you can always do without the cost of unforeseen difficulties – be it on the road or the kids dropping chewing gum on the rented seats. That’s before considering the initial cost of even renting the vehicle. Using your own car puts your mind at ease.

Save Yourself Some Money

Holidays can be expensive. The cost of flying has increased sharply in recent years with added air taxes and baggage carrying fees. That’s before thinking about the further costs you will accrue travelling between destinations when you arrive. Airport transfers alone can be sky high, and there is the thought of the bill racking up on home soil as your own car gathers dust in the car park at Heathrow.

The price of petrol is dramatically lower across the continent as well. So the worrying feeling which emerges in the pit of your stomach when you drive in to or (as is often the case) past the petrol station is noticeably absent.

The benefits of using a car abroad are numerous and considerable. The money saved, the hassle and stress removed come together to result in the holiday of a lifetime. For ferries to France click here to view a number of suggestions on where to take your car this holiday season and look forward to the most relaxing period of your life to date!