Arles in the south of France

Arles is located in the south of France and for those who are seeking a cultural holiday to the country there are few better places to be. If you rent a house in Provence, you will be able to see some of the fantastic architecture of the region and enjoy some great art works in local galleries.

The history of Arles is mostly from the Roman Empire. The city was used by the Romans as a military base where many campaigns would be launched from. To this day there is a significant influence that can be seen from the Roman times. You will find that there are many structures associated with that period, such as baths and an amphitheatre. Below some of the cities ancient buildings there are underground structures that a visitor can spend an enjoyable time exploring.

Built in 1995, the Musee Departemental de l’Arles is a museum that has many items that were discovered by archaeologists who have been digging in the region. There are items in this museum that date back nearly five thousand years and there are some excellent examples of tools from the copper age.

The Musee Reattu is the place to head if you want a taste of more modern culture. It has both permanent collections and temporary ones and hosts works by Picasso. Whenever you visit this museum there is sure to be something that you will find enthralling.

Those who know something about art history will know that Vincent van Gogh spent some time in the city and produced a great deal of his work while living there. In the space of a year and a half the painter created over two hundred paintings. It is also the city where he is rumoured to have infamously cut off his own ear.

Some of his more famous paintings that were created in Arles are The Red Vineyard and The Night Cafe. Interestingly, van Gogh never sold a painting in his lifetime but today his works are worth a fortune. By visiting the city you will see some of the spectacular sights that inspired him.

For photographers it would be worthwhile to visit in the summer, not only is this a great time of year to capture some stunning photographs but it is also when the city hosts its annual photography festival. There are some excellent, expert led, workshops here where you will certainly be able to pick up a few tips.