Angers is a city unspoilt by tourism

Angers is a beautiful city located in the northwestern corner of France that is also the capital of the Anjou province. The city is made even more breathtaking by the fact that it is encircled by the Maine banks. The town is also quite vibrant due to the friendly atmosphere of the locals who are willing to help and guide any tourist that approaches them for aid or a simple recommendation on where to eat dinner.

During ancient times Angers was often referred to as ‘Black Angers’ due to the fact that it was quite gloomy with stone and colored slate used to build the homes, but today the stunning 14th century Apocalypse structures are impressive in their own right along with the two tapestry series.

Those that enjoy shopping will want to head towards the Artisans Du Soleil where all of the best jewellery and clothing items are featured under one roof. On the other hand, those that simply need some groceries and authentic French food will want to head towards the centre of the city to the Galleries Lafayette.

Nearby is also the Super-u super shopping complex which offers a variety of just about anything you could think of. On Wednesdays there is also the La Marche Laffayatte open air market where you can find plenty of trinkets for low prices.

If shopping is not thrilling enough to keep you entertained then you may want to travel about ten minutes outside of the city to the Parc Anjou Anventure (Adventure Park) where you will find plenty of ways to get an instant thrill. Some of the best attractions here are hanging bridges, rope slides, nets climbing, and Tarzan jumps that are all arranged at least three metres above the ground with some as high as 17 metres above the ground.

Of course, a visit to a historical city like Angers would not be complete without some historical sightseeing which is why a visit to the Cathedral Saint Mauric is a must. The Cathedral is a mix of 12th and 13 century artwork including some stunning diagonal ribs and delicate stained glass. Another required stop is the Maison d’Adam which is the oldest house still standing in Angers. Originally built in the 15th century, the house has timbered facades built around it that reach up to the attic and is well preserved.

Other historical testaments to the rich history of Angers include the Castle of good King Rene which is an authentic medieval castle that is hope to the Apocalypse Tapestry. There are also 17 towers to explore making it a pleasure to explore. The Chateua D’Angers is also another great stop as it contains the other Medieval Tapestry and some expansive gardens where the Dukes of the city use to hold their court.

Finally for those that want to get out in the evenings Angers has plenty to offer in the way of nightlife with a handful of clubs and pubs spread throughout the city. One of the most popular clubs is Le Sunset Put, Le Plage. For live music the Falstaff club is your best bet although it is now mostly a tourist location. Films are also popular in the city and are hosted at the grand Caumort Variete which makes the experience quite unique.