Air France offer three new destinations to their summer itineraries

Three perfect summer destinations will be added by Air France namely, the US’ Minneapolis airport, Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur and one of Uruguay’s top tourist destinations Montevideo. Air France seeks to add more options to its already vast summer destinations list. This will allow travellers to get a chance to see nature’s riches in Minnesota, the beautiful and serene scenes in Malaysia and a trip to the wild life in South America.

Before this was announced, Air France only had flights to Buenos Aires but now, tourists will have the option to fly 5 times a week to Uruguay’s capital Montevideo. The addition of Montevideo to Air France’s flight destinations will mean that it will be the 15th South American district that will be served by the exceptional airline company.

Air France promises to use their Boeing 777-200 for the flights from France to Uruguay. This beautiful aircraft features a total of 308 people. 34 seats will be allocated to the business class and a total of 274 seats will be allocated in the economy class. Out of the 274, 24 will be a class above the economy known as the premium economy class.

As regards the addition of Kuala Lumpur, Air France will be providing 3 flights a week from France. In addition to that, Air France will also be using a Boeing but with fewer seats – 247 seats. On great feature that Air France will provide is that it will look to allow night flights from France to Malaysia and vice-versa.

There will be 5 weekly flights as regards the France-Minneapolis route. The only difference that this route has with the other two routes mentioned above is that it will not use a Boeing 777. Instead, an Airbus A340 will be used with a maximum capacity of 275 passenger seats.