A Provence holiday offers so much

A Provence holiday offers plenty of great opportunities for sightseeing, relaxing, walking, shopping, cycling, and of course indulging in the very attractive culture and lifestyle of Southern France. The area is very diverse; which is one reason why so many tourists flock towards its beauty every year.

Within Provence you will find the bottom of the Alps, the southern coastline, and the eastern area of France where you have grand towns such as St. Tropez where the rich and famous are pretty much everywhere that you look. The Cote d’Azur is another great place if you are a celebrity name dropper, but even if you do not find a celebrity or two you will at least get to see some designer clothes and plenty of yachts.

Up towards the north of the region you will find the towns of Arles and Avignon which are also both worth a visit. Avignon is best known for its famous bridge and as the home of the Popes whereas Arles is an old Roman town that is still walled and gently unfolds towards the more rural areas of France.

It is the rural areas that Provence is perhaps known the best for as this is where the lavender fields and almond groves grow for almost as far as the eye can see. The people who live in this region are very proud of their quality of life and you can see it in the smiles and healthy eyes of the villagers.

With so much lavender growing abundantly nearby perfume is one of the top industries of the area, and you can easily pick up a few bottles just about anywhere you go. However, you will not need it while in the region since the entire area seems to be coated with natural perfume!