A perfect spring getaway to Paris

If you are looking at spring holiday destinations you cannot choose anywhere better than Paris, because not only is the city quiet compared to other more busy times of the year, but almost every attraction is still open and waiting for you to explore.

It is no secret that Paris is the city of lovers and thus well trafficked, but sometimes the huge lines and hordes of tourists can ruin a great deal of the romance that you are supposed to be able to feel in the air.  However, if you choose to book a holiday to Paris during the spring not only will there be fewer tourists, but there will be a larger amount of locals around really allowing you to soak up the true culture of the city of lights.

In fact, during the spring you can pick up the culture simply by strolling down the street or sitting on at a classic café and watching people as they converse and go about their business.  If you wait until summer to do the same all you will see are hordes of tourists, which greatly diminishes the overall magic of the trip.

Outside of the ambience of France during the spring, you will find that all of the major attractions are still open and welcoming such as the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, and the Louvre.  Even better, the lines will be much shorter and you can spend a great deal more time at each of these attractions during to the fact you will not waste hours mulling through crowds or waiting in line.

In addition, there are often many local art collections and galleries as well as concerts in full swing that you can actually find tickets to and attend that may be closed or sold out during the busy spring season allowing you to get a better taste of France at its peak.