A look at one of the original French departments, the Cotes-d’Amor

Cotes-d’Amor is an original department that was created during the French Revolution on March 4, 1790. This department was carved out of a former province called Brittany and lies in the north western part of the country. It is flanked by the departments namely Morbihan, Ille-et-Vilaine, and Finistere.

To its north lies the English Channel and the department was called Cotes-du-Nord in earlier times and it was in 1990 only that the name was changed to Cotes-d’Amor. The name Cotes-d’ Amor was also the name of an ancient Roman province. The area is full of several resorts and ports used for fishing and the interior land is mostly utilized for agricultural purposes.

If you are interested in visiting ancient castles, you must go and see Dinan which is a castle that lies by the side of River Rance. This is a great place for enjoyment. This area in France is believed to be the biggest producer of scallops in the whole of Europe. You would enjoy sampling shellfish when in this area of France. If you love Breton music, you are in for a treat as September is the month when there is a music festival that is organised in the department.

There are many buildings belonging to the medieval times in Cotes-d’Amor in addition to a large port in the shape of Lannion. There is a chateau built in the 17th century that overlooks the river Gouet. There is also a place in the department that was once a large linen producing centre. The people of the department mostly use French though there are also English speaking people inside this department.

The food of Cotes-d’Amore is mainly composed of seafood with oysters, mussels, and coquille being very popular dishes n this department of France. For dessert, people of this area prefer Crepes with many different kinds of fillings.