A cycling holiday through France

A cycling holiday through France promises great scenery and many delicious and traditional meals along the way. No matter what the cyclists’ capabilities are, he or she can enjoy both these delights on their travels.

Cycling in France is very well supported by people of all ages. No doubt the famous Tour de France cycle race has added to the popularity. The French have made cycling even more accessible to its people by the numerous dedicated cycle paths provided throughout the country known as veloroutes.

Taking a cycling holiday through France will provide the cyclist with a sense of peaceful tranquillity. With the added attractions of chateaux, breathtaking countryside with its gorges, valleys and hilltops, make this the ideal way to do this. Many of the sights are easily missed if travelling by car and the slower moving cyclist can appreciate the surroundings all the more.

The veloroutes give access to the centre of the countryside, using the green ways or voies vertes. They take the cyclist through country lanes, canal towpaths and converted rail tracks. The cyclist feels a sense of safety on the green ways as all motorised vehicles are banned.  Bicycles can be hired from the many outlets on the routes.

There are parts of France that are so quiet and peaceful that it is a rarity to see a motor car. This is ideal cycling territory and many enthusiastic cyclists will pass along the way. Part of the pleasure is stopping for lunch at one of the many small hotels and villages and savouring the excellent local food and wine.

Many hotels offer a service whereby luggage is transported by them, leaving the cyclist unhindered and free to ride and enjoy the scenery. These hotels cater solely for the holiday cyclist.

Another holiday ride to consider is the French Alps route and here are some of the most breathtaking views to be seen, with climbs like Alpe d’Huez and Col de la Croix der Fer to enjoy. Other climbing routes on offer are the Col d’Aspin and the Col de Portet d’Aspet, both situated in the Pyrenees.

The holiday cyclist should plan his route carefully as there is so much to see. Each area and village has its own attraction like Roquefort cheese, Armagnac brandy and Gaillac wines and a poorly planned holiday could mean many of these are missed.

If the cyclist does not feel up to a vigorous mountain bike holiday, then he may consider the more gentle approach and there are areas that cater for the family group as well as the novice. One such area noted for its family friendly cycling holiday is Brittany where many of the routes are flat.