2012 Tour de France set to be the most watched ever

The Tour de France that is taking place this year is going to be one of the most broadcast in the world. It is estimated that it is going to be broadcast to 190 countries around the world on 100 individual channels. It is also expected that over 15 million people are going to visit the website for the event which has recently been established and the Facebook page already has over 700,000 fans.

TV: 190 countries, an increase in hearing

Television broadcasts of the Tour de France that has already been global for many years, continues to grow both in transmission time and image quality.

In total, 4,300 hours of footage of the Tour de France are scheduled worldwide throughout the 2012 edition, with three territories taking the live images for the first time: Albania (Top Channel), Canada (RDS) and Mongolia (Channel One).

The loyalty of broadcasters is also evidenced by their willingness to sign long term agreements. This is the case with continental networks ESPN South America and TV5 Monde, which have extended their commitments until 2017, and CTV Canada until 2015. An agreement with NBC highlights the long-term vision that exists with race organizers and the U.S. broadcaster, with a new 10 year deal – ensuring coverage in the United States is on that network until 2023 – ensures the Tour de France and other cycling races ASO a wider audience in the U.S., and an optimum quality of program by broadcasters of the Olympic Games and Stanley Cup (NHL) in particular.

Letour.fr facelift

In 2012, fans of the Tour de France will discover a new look when they connect to the official website of the race. Before, during and after each stage, you will find an innovative new display of content that allows readers to directly access all the important information. The use of a sophisticated new system of tools has been designed to give the user the ability to customize their stay on the site.

In the latest version of the tracking application, a mouse movement – or simple finger swipe on a tablet – is enough to rank the various elements according to your desires: the live ‘newsflash’ coverage, the evolution of rankings, or virtual streaming video (available in some countries), can be constructed by the user… or just hidden while you use other elements of the innovative new site.

The Facebook page passes the 700,000 fans

The official Facebook page of the Tour de France (facebook.com/letour) now has a community of over 700,000 fans who will find daily content produced in partnership with Alcatel One Touch. Here you will find a wide variety of content uploaded from inside the race including video grabs, exclusive photo galleries of the race as it unfolds, and much more!

Google +

The Tour de France has also recently established a page on the Google social media platform.Various unusual and exclusive content will be published daily (including photos, videos, slideshows, and more). Furthermore, several appointments will be scheduled for online conversations (Hangout) between the riders and their supporters…

Complete information about Twitter

In 2012, the Twitter account of the Tour will provide the information that is broadcast live on the official website direct to its 60,000 subscribers… and this number is bound to grow significantly thanks to the interest that the 99th edition is sure to generate on this social media network. You won’t miss anything that happens during each stage… furthermore, inspired Twitterers will be able to offer their commentary simply by using the official hashtag #TDF12.

Mobile applications

Most of the content available on letour.fr has been adapted to suit iPhones, iPads and Android systems thanks to a collaboration with official Tour partners Skoda and Orange. Photos, videos, maps, news, rankings, records and interviews with the riders are available on application to download and play Google Apple Store.

Digital Caravan

For the second consecutive year, a website dedicated to the publicity caravan completes the Online Tour. The site – www.lacaravanepublicitaire.com –is also accompanied by a downloadable mobile application on Google and Apple Store Play. It contains in particular the live track of the trailer, photos, videos, quizzes and interactive games. Every day, the visual environment immerses the user in the heart of a caravan site partners (Kleber, Alcatel One Touch, Belin, Europcar, Digital, Vittel).

The Tour on PC and consoles

Every summer, the Tour de France comes to PC gaming and consoles. With video games Pro Cycling Manager 2012 for PC and Tour de France 2012 for PlayStation ® 3 and Xbox 360 ®, the roads of the Tour also belong to the players. The game is also available on mobile smartphones(App Store, Google Play).

All information about the Tour de France on www.letour.fr